About us

Agritay Agriculture has been involved in the national and international arena since the 1970s, when the foundations of the Tay Group, to which it is affiliated, were laid; With the brand awareness it has achieved as a result of its work in the textile, real estate, contracting, IT, health and renewable energy sectors for many years, the confidence it has gained from its trust in the national and international arena and the power it has taken from sectoral leadership, and the smart agricultural policies it has implemented, it is an organization whose foundations have been laid recently with the aim of becoming a known and trusted world company in the agricultural sector.

The main purpose of Agritay Agriculture is; to leave a livable world to future generations by protecting soil, water resources and the environment, not only in the country’s agriculture, but also in international agriculture with the smart agricultural technologies applied by making an exemplary sustainable agriculture and developing conscious agricultural practices from R & D to the final consumption stage.